The most powerful solution for producing and validating BIM data

What is Anker?

Anker is an innovative cloud data management platform designed to seamlessly connect with BIM, Information Requirements, Standards, and other data sources through APIs.

With Anker you will significantly increase the quality of your data from the get-go and continuosly deliver on increasing BIM requirements.

Key features

Unlock the pain-free experience working with BIM. Create consistent and agile data for downstream usage, modify properties outside of BIM, synchronise on demand, automate workflows and process data at scale around the clock.

Enjoy seamless integrations and the full spectrum of data enhancement.


Enrich metadata with a visual algorithm.


Automatically validate design files.

Live Revit Plugin

Apply validation rules directly within Revit.

CDE Integrations

Enable real-time data validation.


Continuosly deliver accurate BIM data.

IFC Integration

Deliver correct IFC files that couldn’t be easier.

IDS Support

Coming soon!

Architects, Contractors, Engineers, Building Owners use Anker to eliminate human mistakes and time-consuming workflows.

Starting from €790/mo.
Choose your subscription aligning with your specific requirements and the level of support you seek. Contact us for tailored solutions.

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