Focus on what you do best - Design, and leave data to Anker.

Do it with Anker

As an Architect, you absolutely can deliver on BIM requirements. Transform your experience with Revit and producing documentation, and free yourself from long-hour manual jobs.

That is why we created Anker.

Exchange Data With Revit

Pull data to Revit with our Live Revit Plug-in, and open a pool of possibilities to enhance your models inside the familiar interface.

Auto-Update IFC Files

When the job is done, pull data from Anker to automatically update your IFC files, export and sleep tight.

Get More From Parameter_Link

Hack the way you work with geometry in Revit. Assigning elements to control zones is now short and sweet.

Fix Failing Elements Easily

Forewarned is forearmed. Use validation results to see which elements are failing in real time in Revit (and fix them).

Investigate Your Properties

Know the status quo of elements and their properties at any time. Quantity takeoffs have never been so precise, perhaps.

Synchronise Revit Models

Simply copy and transfer correct properties between Revit models and demostrate full control over disciplines requirements.

Enjoy seamless integrations and the full spectrum of data enhancement.

Enrich Revit models and IFC files metadata with a visual algorithm.


Automatically validate design files and make changes.


Continuosly deliver accurate BIM data and schedule workflows.


See through your project and get status on every property in one place.


Connect several databases and exchange between data sources.

CDE Integrations
IFC Integration
IDS Support (Q1)

Before the Requirements

Don’t let bad data take you by surprise. Introduce Anker early and ensure your projects are moving up the MMI/LOD/LOI ladder smoothly.
Track generic elements
It all starts with coordinates and levels. Make it right from now on and produce consistent data from the first entry.
Validate early
Start validating data already at MMI/LOD/LOI 200 and hand over problem-free designs improving the value for everyone.
Master your setup
Create data management templates for different classification systems, and help your projects to take off faster.

Beyond design

Shifting from relying on drawings to producing heavy documentation is not easy. Tackle the competitive landscape by providing data-driven designs from day one, and help your clients to reach their complex goals.

Navigate the Requirements

Anker offers a rich environment for centralized data management in tandem with your native tools. Your designs are ready to meet the ever-growing standards.

Simplify Routines and Reporting

Anker streamlines and automates routine tasks and reports for you. Be on top of the project, at any time.

Enhance Trust and Build Relationships

Anker helps you to create reliable data and build trust with all stakeholders. Reinforce your relevance in the ecosystem of building process.

Augment Your Expertise

Complement your artistic endeavors with excellent data. Showcase your expertise in both. Be on par with sustainability and economical expectations.

Try Anker today

Anker replaces numerous scripts, saves you time, money and improves your value in building processes.