Product Features

The not-so-secret-sauce that makes Anker really worth it.


With Anker, you make the rules! Define what constitutes a correct property delivery, and Anker will check your BIM models against these requirements. It not only validates, but also empowers you with process automation and allows you to define rules using our AI-powered regex builder.

It will give you a visual, easy-to-filter report on what is right, and what is wrong, that you can share with a relevant stakeholders. And with Anker, you will be always be right.


Anker empowers you to take charge of your BIM data. Whether you prefer bulk-writing through rulesets or visually editing data in Excel-like tables, Anker has you covered. Distribute your polished data via APIs or export as a fresh IFC file.

Anker writes data around the clock. Set up population rules, automate them, and maintain 100% consistent data. Whether your client demands project numbers or contract identifiers, Anker ensures compliance with every action. With Anker, BIM data management is a breeze.

Live Revit Plugin

Anker's validation doesn't stop at mere results. It empowers architects and engineers to turn those results into high-quality data. A crucial aspect of this workflow is the ability to apply validation rules directly within Revit using our dedicated Revit add-in.

With this tool, users can seamlessly access validation results within Revit, pinpoint errors or missing data, select the problematic elements from Anker, and swiftly make on-the-fly corrections.

CDE Integrations

This feature is especially beneficial for those seeking to oversee and ensure the quality of data deliveries within extensive projects, teams, and organizations, all without the need to install our Revit add-ins on individual local machines. Anker effortlessly retrieves Revit models and data from Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) through our seamless integration, enabling real-time data validation.

For a similarly streamlined BIM management process, you can establish a parallel workflow with other Common Data Environments, such as Catenda Hub.


In Anker, automation is the name of the game, guaranteeing precision and consistency without the need for manual involvement.

Every process within Anker can be seamlessly automated, whether it's syncing data from Common Data Environments, handling population and validation, or effortlessly sharing the results. With each file update, your data remains consistently accurate. Embrace the future of BIM data management with Anker, where you hold the reins to redefine efficiency and quality.

IFC Integration

Anker supports interoperability through its robust IFC integration capabilities. You can effortlessly validate imported IFC models and enhance them by seamlessly incorporating additional information using populating tools.

When you export IFC files from Revit, our Revit plugin does the heavy lifting for you. It duplicates the file and neatly adds Anker's special metadata to the new one.All it takes is a simple toggle switch during your project setup. Delivering correct IFC files couldn't be easier.