Anker Tables are the one-stop-shop to inspect your data. You can use Anker tables to query, filter, sort, export to CSV, and modify the properties of your project 🚀

Anker Tables serve as a comprehensive tool to explore and manage your project data. They offer functionalities such as querying, filtering, sorting, exporting to CSV, and editing properties. Here's how you can fully utilize Anker Tables.

Add a Table

To start, go to your project, select the 'Tables' tab, and click "Add."

The video below shows the following table features:

  • Creating and customizing tables.
  • Filtering out unwanted IFC entities.
  • Displaying only element instances, excluding types.
  • Performing direct validations within the table.
  • Exporting data to CSV format.

Table Settings

There are 4 different categories belonging to properties, Core, Anker, IFC, and Revit. In the picture below, “Core”, “Anker”, and “IFC” properties are chosen and the user will only see properties related to these categories. (section 1)

Anker will provide suggestions when searching for properties, as well as show the user if the property is in the elements that have been added to the table. If you want to add properties that don’t have any values related to the elements in the table you must toggle the “Include properties not in elements”. (section 2)

There are 5 options for each property added to the tables (section 3): 

    - Expand or collapse values

    - Hide the property from the table

    - Go to column

    - Add filter

    - Removing the property from the table

Below is an example of filtering away IFC entities that the user doesn’t want to see in the table. (section 4)

The “Core” property “Is Type” is set to equal to “false” in order to only see instances and not the type belonging to the element. (section 5)

You can quickly access these options by clicking the "Edit" button on the property column, as shown in the picture below:

Download a table

You can download the table in .csv format from the table overview page by clicking the download icon when hovering over the table.

Edit a table

You can edit the table from the table overview page by clicking the edit button when hovering over the table.

Use a table API

To easily connect your table data with external tools, such as a PowerBI dashboard, utilize the table API. You can find the API button to copy the table URL in the table toolbar.

The data is secured with the API Key, you can generate a new one in your Anker workspace, under the My Account section.