Anker Validations allow you to create rules to check your data. After creating and running a ruleset, Anker will provide you with a visual dashboard of the results.

Create a Simple Validation

To create a validation navigate to your project → Validate and click "Add"


  1. Here you choose which elements to validate. In this example above all files in your Anker project that has a file name that contains “SB” will be taken into the validation.
  2. This is where you add which properties you want to validate. In the picture (and the movie) I’m validating 2 properties. One where I use Regular Expression to see if the format/pattern of the values is matching 3 characters, and on the other property I only see if the component code exists on the elements.
  3. You can add validations that filter the results by the property you chose, for instance by IFC entity or other properties. This will make the result more usable for the user and also investigate the result more in-depth.

Importing mvdXML

Currently, Anker only supports mvdXML imports, but IDS and JSON are coming soon.

Using the validation API and visualizing the result in a Power-BI dashboard

It’s possible to use the API from the validation result and create a Power-BI dashboard. You can also download our Power-BI template to get you started.

Video explaining how to set it up from scratch