Since the launch of Statsbygg’s revised BIM Requirements, Simba 2.0, in 2019, not one single project had been able to deliver the data that Statsbygg needed.

The Norwegian Viking Age Museum, located beautifully on Bygdøy in the Oslo Fjord, implemented Anker in late 2022, hoping it was the final piece of the puzzle of being able to reuse design data in construction and operations. Statsbygg has hundreds of projects yearly and is one of Norway's largest public building owners, but has no consistent, unified, standardized, and aggregated database of their assets. That, and the emergence of digital construction workflows in the Norwegian building industry, led to Simba 2.0 - their revised BIM Requirement documents, following Simba 1.0, a set of requirements that were first on the planet to mandate BIM in 2008.

The successful implementation of Anker in the project has automated validation, distribution of results, both in the larger project team and in native design tools, and built trust in data for digital construction. It has also given Statsbygg their first-ever digital twin, as explained by Chief Architect Steen Sunesen at the annual Norwegian Building Smart conference in Oslo in March 2023.

Anker WAS the missing piece of the puzzle. And the implementation at the Viking Age Museum validated our belief that the verification process needed to be automated as well as looping back to the wider team and also straight into the engineers and architects' design tools. In many ways, it was the perfect next step for us after RAD.

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