Connect your Revit model to a Project

Connect your Revit model to a project in Anker and have it automatically updated whenever you save or synchronise.

Follow the next steps to connect your Revit model to a project in Anker:

  1. Log In and Create a Project in Anker: Access your Anker account and navigate to 'Projects' in the left menu. Select 'Create Project' to initiate a new project.
  2. Install Anker's Revit Add-in: Before proceeding, ensure the Anker Revit Add-in is installed on your system. If not, you can install it here.
  3. Linking Your Revit Model to Anker: After setting up your project in Anker, open your Revit model. Go to the Anker tab in your Revit Toolbar and click 'Setup'.
  4. Anker Account Login: A prompt will ask for your Anker account details. Log in using your credentials.
  5. Connect Your Project: Choose the Anker project you've just created and select 'Connect Project'.
  6. Parameter Settings: Decide on the shared or project-specific parameter values you want to transfer to Anker. We recommend reviewing 'Understanding Revit and Anker Properties' for guidance. Select 'Next' after making your choices.
  7. Review and Sync: Check the details like total elements, chosen parameter values, and estimated sync time. Click 'Next' to start the synchronization process. A progress bar will display; you can cancel the sync if needed.

Automatic Updates:

Your model data will now automatically update in Anker whenever you save or synchronize your Revit model.

Adding Multiple Files:

To include multiple Revit files in a single Anker project, repeat the above steps for each file.

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