Invite team members

Invite team members to your projects in Anker and boost your collaborative process.

Invite the user to the workspace

Note that only Admin-status members are authorized to add new team members.

To add team members to Anker workspace, log into your account and go to the ⚙️ Settings section in the left menu.

Inside the Members tab, click Add and enter the name and email of the team member you wish to invite.

They will receive an email with welcome details and login instructions to create an account with Anker.

If you're subscribed to the "Professional" or "Limitless" plan, you have the flexibility to invite an unlimited number of external users to join your team.

To remove a team member, click Deactivate next to their details.

To reactivate the user, simply click the Enable button.

Invite the user to the project

To add external members to the Anker project, log into your account, go to a selected project, and click on the ⚙️ Settings button next to the project name in the top menu bar.

Click on the Collaborators section.

In the right top corner, type the email of the user you want to add, and click on the +User button. Note that the user has to be an existing Anker user from a different workspace. Added users will have access to your selected project through their workspace.

To remove the user from the project, click the Remove button next to their name.

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